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Do you want to keep informed and up to date on the most recent books and stories? Look no further than StoryShots, the best microlearning software!

Absolutely! When you’re attempting to take in a lot of information, learning anything new might be difficult. That is why I would suggest checking out an app that gives you chosen articles and unique summaries of best-selling books.

StoryShots Lifetime Deal with FREE Trial!

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Today’s topic is StoryShots, which allow you to quickly get the idea of a book or article without having to read it all. You can also save time by not having to sift through various sources to find trustworthy information.


StoryShots Lifetime Deal

What Is StoryShots?

StoryShots is a site that offers book summaries in the form of “StoryShots,” which are designed to give readers the key takeaways and primary points of a book in only a few minutes of reading. StoryShots provides, in addition to summaries, brief introductions to the book, key quotations, and insights from the author, and a community forum where readers can express their opinions and ideas about the book. The platform is intended to help users learn more effectively from books and find new books in a range of subjects.


Why Choose StoryShots?


The StoryShots reader is intended to allow you to read at your own pace.

Highlight important points, take notes, save and read offline, share inspiring quotations, listen and read at the same time, and more to help you make the most of your learning experience. The StoryShots reader is ideal for busy people who want to study and learn on the move. Make the most of your reading by using StoryShots reader to assist you in learning more, quicker.

Listen to Audiobooks.

We all know that listening to audiobooks and podcasts can help you make the most of your time. With StoryShots’ audiobook library, you can stay entertained and informed no matter where you are. You can enjoy a wonderful story, learn something new, or be inspired by the experts and writers of our audiobooks whether you’re resting at home or taking a break during your daily commute. Prepare to be entertained and taught!

StoryShots for Teams.

What Is the Innovative Team’s Secret Sauce? Because they are always learning. With the world’s #1 microlearning software, you can turn everyday experiences into exceptional learning opportunities!

StoryShots offers teams exclusive lifetime offers and benefits. Tell us more about your company and your needs to receive a personalized price.

Watch an Animation.

StoryShots is perfect for those who want to learn visually! With 65% of people being visual learners, having a solution that caters to their requirements is important. By watching animations, StoryShots gives a new and exciting approach to learning. These animations can be used to explain complex topics in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner, making learning more enjoyable and engaging. Visual learners can now access the same educational content as everyone else thanks to StoryShots, providing them the opportunity to study and grow.

StoryShots Lifetime Deal


StoryShots Lifetime Deal

StoryShots Key features

StoryShots’ key features include:


Multiple formats:

StoryShots is available in text, audio, and video formats, allowing users to receive the summaries in the manner that most suits their requirements.


StoryShots’ main focus is on book summaries, which give a simplified version of a book’s important points and takeaways.


Each StoryShot begins with a brief introduction to the book, providing readers with an outline of the key topics and concepts.

Discussion forums:

The site offers a community forum where readers can discuss and share their opinions and insights about the books they’ve read.


StoryShots recommends books based on a reader’s interests and reading history, helping them discover new books to read

Key terms:

StoryShots highlights key lines from the book, assisting readers in understanding the author’s main points and insights.


StoryShots Pricing


Annual Access – $29.99

  • Pay annually. Cancel anytime.
  • Try 3 Days of Free


Lifetime Access – $59.99

  • Pay once. Grow with books forever.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Get Lifetime for Free – $99.99

  • Gift lifetime premium access 
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

StoryShots Review Pros & Cons



  • Better than the competition
  • The free version is excellent.
  • I saved a lot of time.
  • Many long-term customers
  • Students will enjoy the low cost.



  • Issues with app store listings
  • problems with the premium version
  • Ads that are annoying
  • Android does not work.


98% offer

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  • StoryShots are available for life.
  • All future updates to the Lifetime Plan
  • All infographics as well as a few entire books
  • Every audiobook
  • Every animation
  • Remove advertisements
  • Highlighting and taking notes
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Listen while you read
  • Offline access
  • Content in many languages
  • PDF and Kindle compatibility


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StoryShots is the greatest microlearning software for anybody trying to quickly get the gist of a book. With thousands of text, audio, and animated book summaries available, finding the ideal summary for any book is simple. StoryShots helps you learn more in less time and is an excellent method to receive a quick overview of any book.

StoryShots is the ideal app for busy people who want to keep up with the latest and greatest titles. StoryShots offers users a simple and effective approach to studying and improving. Save time while studying with the finest microlearning app!

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