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Hello everyone, dear readers! “MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal & MasterStudy LMS Review” is the topic of today’s article.

Do you have the capability to create online courses, lessons, quizzes, assignments, assessments, certificates, and a mobile app?

MasterStudy LMS makes it easier to create and sell courses on a WordPress website.

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What Is MasterStudy LMS?

MasterStudy Learning Management System for WordPress is a complete solution.

MasterStudy provides education. Elementor and WordPress themes work perfectly together!

Professional Course Creator


  • Advanced Tests
  • Information Dissemination
  • Tutor pay and monetization
  • Zoom webinars are available for a cost.
  • There are no additional fees or plugins needed.
  • You may manage your e-Learning platform from a single position.

How Does MasterStudy LMS Plugin Work?

Using the MasterStudy WordPress LMS Plugin, you can quickly develop online courses and offer online interactive learning and coaching on your WordPress website.

Online education is a rapidly growing sector of the education business. People are increasingly using online courses to advance in their careers. To effectively sell your skills in this way, you will need an effective system of connecting with target users.

Creating a website is an excellent way to reach out to such students. However, all regular websites lack the capacity to support online learning. The WordPress LMS plugin can help with this. A WordPress LMS website with several courses available online at any time and from any location will be an excellent way to do this.

Learning Management System (LMS) plugins allow you to create and offer online courses. It could be similar to Udemy but powered by WordPress. It is important to select the best WordPress LMS plugin for your online learning website since it will give high-quality services. These services also contain tools and capabilities for managing the content of your online courses.

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MasterStudy LMS Features

  1. Text, video, slideshows, live broadcasts, and Zoom conferences are all options.
  2. This program provides two types of visual learning questions: picture matching and image choice.
  3. The portal allows you to delegate essays and files.
  4. Motivate students by awarding points for each class or task.
  5. You can send them certificates once they complete your course to prove their talents and knowledge.
  6. Use the built-in certificate builder to create certificates that are unique to your brand.
  7. Flutter can build a course mobile app. Follow the instructions in the included files and documentation.
  8. To reach more students, you can create an app for both Android and iOS.
  9. Any changes to your website are synced with the app, which updates your course content.
  10. payment portals
  11. Online training
  12. creator of the course
  13. quizzes with interactivity
  14. Statistics and payouts
  15. importer of Udemy
  16. Co-instructors
  17. video support
  18. WordPress integrations of significance
  19. Rough content
  20. Zoom integration
  21. All paid add-ons are included.

MasterStudy LMS Pricing Plans

MasterStudy LMS offers three-step, simple, one-time payment plans.

The Single plan, which includes all features, starts at $69.00. A one-time cost of $138.00 is required if you purchase two of their plans. Furthermore, the Multiple Purchases plan will require a one-time payment of $207.00.

  • All packages have these licenses.
  • MasterStudy LMS is available for a lifetime
  • Future updates to the MasterStudy LMS Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days after purchase.
  • Stack up to three codes.
  • Previous AppSumo clients who purchased MasterStudy LMS can buy more tickets to increase their feature limits.
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days. Try it for two months to see whether it’s for you!



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  • MasterStudy LMS is available for a lifetime.
  • Every feature listed above is included.
  • 5 licenses for each site
  • LMS app MasterStudy
  • single user

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If you have a blog, training site, or learning portal, you should think about using a learning management system (LMS) to develop and sell courses, create a community, and collect information. A great LMS can handle video, quizzes, audio, and text. It can help you develop courses, host webinars, and more.

The MasterStudy LMS WordPress plugin is the most popular learning management system (LMS) solution on WordPress. It offers customizable course development, student tracking, and a variety of other benefits that make it an excellent option. Visit the Appsumo Deal page to get it right now.

Please visit their website here for more information. Click here to access MasterStudy LMS  Video Lifetime Deal

Thank you for reading, and I’m always pleased when one of my articles can provide valuable information on a topic like this.

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