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The work of marketing is not simple. A marketing funnel requires a lot of effort to create.

You must first consider your offer, how to attract them in, how to convince them to buy, how to create a call to action, how to follow up with them, and how to keep promoting to them even if they decide not to make a purchase.

Ocoya is here because of that. A marketing tool called Ocoya can design, manage, and automate campaigns for your products. You can easily build, automate, and manage high-converting campaigns with the help of Ocoya Lifetime Deal, a complete all-in-one marketing solution.

You can learn more about Ocoya Lifetime Deal & Review in this blog, as well as an all-in-one AI-powered platform to upgrade your content marketing platform.


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What is Ocoya?

Ocoya is a comprehensive content marketing tool that helps with analytics, scheduling, marketing copy production, and graphic design. You can save time and money with Ocoya.

With a built-in template library full of completely customizable designs for your marketing campaigns, Ocoya allows you to speed up the creative process.

With Ocoya’s built-in template collection and simple drag-and-drop editor, you can produce attention-grabbing content for your marketing campaigns. you can quickly create popular hashtags and captions to follow the latest trends with Ocoya. It works as a substitute for Jarvis.ai, Hootsuite, and Canva.

Ocoya is ideal for anybody looking to take charge of their content marketing efforts while saving time for their customers or business. Small businesses, content creators, and digital agencies wishing to save money on marketing campaigns can use this tool.

Why did you choose Ocoya?

You can automate campaigns that convert well. You can create articles and social media postings in less than a minute with Ocoya.

You can completely customize the designs for your marketing and social media with the built-in template library. With up to 10,000 images and video templates, you can easily create love to look.

Utilizing a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can simply create content that meets your demands by using unique fonts, colors, backgrounds, and layouts.

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The Top Benefits of Ocoya Lifetime Deal

Ocoya was created by a group of marketers who were tired of managing multiple content marketing tools and wanted to simplify the process so they could spend more time on strategy and creativity.

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Ocoya Features:

E-Commerce: You can advertise your product with only a few mouse clicks. Keeping all of your items in one location is the best way to handle them. There is no limitation on how many images and captions you can create.

Images: Designing eye-catching pictures for your product or service is simple. Using our editor or Canva, you can add your own branding to your images.

Videos: You’ll be able to produce short videos that will increase viewer engagement. There are a large number of free videos to select from.

Music: You can add licensed music to your videos from among thousands of options. Choose the perfect audio with our music creator to go with your design.

Hashtags: In order to increase the reach of your post, we analyze your image using AI analytics and produce the most relevant hashtags that are currently trending.

Captions: Additionally customized to your image are the captions. You can come up with captions to promote your service or product.

Scheduling: Ocoya will recommend posting during times that will increase your traction if you decide against doing it right now.

Socials: We have collaborations with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Buffer, and Hootsuite. You can access all of your profiles in one location.

Graphics that engage in seconds: Over 10,000 photos are available for selection. There are also over a million stock images, thousands of objects, and backdrops to choose from, or you can utilize your Brand Kit.

Link Shortener: To save space while posting links on your social channels, utilize Jubb.ly, our in-house link shortener.

Ocoya Pricing Plans

The price to start using Ocoya is reasonable. Let’s review the prices and all the plans.


  • 5 social profiles
  • 100 copywriting ideas
  • 1 workspace


  • 20 social profiles
  • 5 workspaces
  • 500 copywriting ideas
  • Copywriting in 26+ languages
  • Unlimited design projects
  • Everything from Bronze


  • 50 social profiles
  • 20 team members
  • 20 workspaces
  • 1,500 copywriting ideas
  • Everything from Silver


  • 150 social profiles
  • 50 team members
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited copywriting ideas
  • Advanced analytics
  • Branded reports
  • terminal
  • Everything from Gold

Ocoya Pros & Cons


  • It is simple to use
  • allows quick and simple graphic design
  • Social media posts can be scheduled.
  • It has an AI writer and automatically generates tags for our content.
  • Excellent UI/UX


  • There is no Social inbox.
  • The limit for 1 code is really low.


98% offer

Ocoya Lifetime Deals Appsumo

Deal terms & conditions

Get lifetime Ocoya offers for $69 instead of $600.

  • Ocoya access for life
  • All future updates to the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Plans
  • You must use your code within 60 days of buying it.
  • Codes can be stacked indefinitely.
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Previous AppSumo users who purchased Ocoya can purchase additional codes to expand their feature limitations.
  • Customers who have previously used AppSumo will be grandfathered into the new feature limitations.
  • With each extra code provided, you have access to 25 social accounts, 16 team members, and 4 workspaces.
  • Stacking 20+ codes gives access to the Platinum Plan.

All plans offer the following features:

  • Translations copied (26 languages)
  • Posts can be scheduled continuously.
  • Images and videos are not limited.
  • More than 10,000 templates
  • All channels that are supported
  • Analytical needs

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I hope you enjoyed our Ocoya post. Ocoya is a powerful marketing software that lets you build, automate, and manage all of your marketing campaigns from a single platform. It can help you generate more leads, grow your sales, and save time on marketing.

Ocoya allows you to develop custom landing pages for your marketing campaigns, email marketing drip campaigns, construct your marketing website and manage marketing analytics all from your PC. 

Thank you for reading, and I’m always happy anytime one of my pieces can give useful knowledge on a subject like this!

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