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A must-have tool for every Facebook group owner to automate new group members on-boarding

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Facebook Groups are a fantastic tool for connecting with, educating, and engaging your target audience.

It’s challenging to build an email list from your Facebook group, tricky

The Group Collector steps in at this point. You can use it to gather responses from fresh Facebook Group members and save them to your Google Sheets and autoresponder.

By using Group Collector Lifetime Deal, you can grow your list while also promoting your community.


Group Collector Lifetime Deal


What Is Group Collector?

A program and chrome extension called Group Collector helps to gather new Facebook group members’ information, including their email and then saves it into a Google Sheet for later use in email marketing software. Additionally, Group Collector allows you to gather information about new Facebook group members without using Zapier Integrate.

It’s better to convert customer data into leads in your marketing funnel as you’re gathering it. It’s better to convert customer data into leads in your marketing funnel as you’re gathering it. This will enable you to track the effectiveness of your marketing activities and assist you target potential clients who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

All new member answers are instantly captured and turned into leads in your preferred email marketing platform.


How to use Group Collector Extension?


You can utilize it for your business and campaigns to generate the necessary leads and sales.

Group Collector is simple to install and use. Let’s get you up and going in 3 easy steps:


Step 1 – 

Insert your license key after installing the Group Collector Extension. Create a new group with the Group Collector online tool or Chrome Extension (which includes connecting our Facebook group), then join your Google Sheet and your choice email marketing platform with a single click.


Step 2 – 

You can add three questions to the group settings if you want new members to answer questions when they join. You must include at least one of the questions that request an email address or phone number. You have an opportunity to engage with this better.


Step 3 – 

Select filters on the group Member Requests page before clicking the GC Approve or GC Approve All button. When you press the button, the data from the members’ answers will be uploaded to your Google Sheets, and the email will be added to your email marketing program.


Group Collector Lifetime Deal


Group Collector Features


Group Collector capabilities allow you to automatically approve new Facebook Group members that fit your unique criteria at predefined intervals. Here are some of Group Collector’s primary features:


Connect Your Group To a Google Sheet:

You can attach a Google Sheet to your Group Collector group once you’ve created it. It will automatically produce information for all group members. You must enter the URL of your Google Sheet into the Group Collector for it to work.


Custom Audiences on Facebook:

You may create a custom audience of your group members who have provided their consent using Group Collector. You can access the Facebook Custom Audience with only one click.

By submitting the file to Facebook, you may utilize it to create a personalized or comparable audience. It would allow you to promote on Facebook more successfully with better-targeted ads, cutting your overall advertising costs.


Auto-approval and disapproval on Facebook Groups:

This is a really useful feature of Group Collector. The Group Collector Auto Approve Feature allows you to approve new members into the group only if they meet your lead requirements.

Factors such as Mobile number, Number of Questions Answered, City, Full name, Group Password, and a range of other criteria that might be utilized and checked must be entered.

This data will be sent to the Group Collector Dashboard, a Google Sheet, and your preferred email marketing program or CRM.


Chrome Extension for Group Collector:

The chrome Group collector extension Group Collector features a dashboard for automating the onboarding of new Facebook group members. You can easily collect fresh responses from group members and save them to a Google sheet. All of this is possible simply by logging in with the license key.


Autoresponder Integrations:

This feature simplifies the management of campaigns. As soon as the Email Marketing Software is connected, you can accept a new group member, and his or her email will be sent to the autoresponder.

Then, under your autoresponder, select campaigns/automation to send welcome emails to your group members.


Pros and Cons 


  • Integrate directly with autoresponders
  • Email and Zoom support are both available.
  • Software upgrades are available for the rest of your life.
  • You have the ability to approve an unlimited number of group members.
  • Data from group members should be saved in Google Sheets.



  • Other Facebook Group management features would be really beneficial.


Group Collector Pricing Plans


MONTHLY-$25 (Month)

  • Any Groups Collector Features
  • Facebook Groups indefinitely
  • Accept Unlimited Members
  • Google Spreadsheets Integration
  • Integration of an Autoresponder
  • There is no need for Zapier.
  • Updates to the Future Plan



  • All Group Collector Features
  • Facebook Groups indefinitely
  • Accept Unlimited Member
  • Google Spreadsheets Integration
  • Integration of an Autoresponder
  • There is no need for Zapier.
  • Future software updates

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  3. Works with both new and existing Facebook accounts.
  4. 250,000+ group members have been approved.


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Final Thought

If you manage or administrate a Facebook Group, you know how difficult it is to keep up with the regular influx of new members. It’s easy to overlook communications, and when you go back to read them, some of them have vanished.

Group Collector is a new tool that allows you to instantly save the answers to particular questions you ask new group members, including their email addresses, into a Google Sheet and autoresponder.

The answers to the questions can be found in your Google Sheet, and you can download them as an a.csv file (for importing into Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.).

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