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Use AI to discover B2B lead suggestions and personalize cold outreach automatically

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Luna is an a.i. the assistant that recommends high-quality B2B leads and delivers customized cold emails that never wind up in the spam folder.

Simply answer a few easy questions, and Luna’s AI will search for leads in your target market for you. In your search, you can filter for job titles, industries, business sizes, or countries, all while Luna builds a unique profile for each lead.

As a result, the highly brilliant AI can produce customized cold emails and follow-ups! All you have to do is approve, reject, or edit the copy. Best of all, you’ll teach the AI with each adjustment you make, ensuring that every new email it produces is better than the last. If you want to get more out of your sales process, you should absolutely give The Luna a try.

TODAY WE’RE GOING TO DISCUSSLuna Lifetime Deal & Review”.

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What is Luna?

Luna is an AI assistant tool that helps in cold outreach. Luna finds leads and delivers customized AI-generated cold emails to them.

A cold email usually actually ends up in the spam folder of the lead’s inbox. The situation is dramatically different with Luna because this AI helper can generate cold emails with a high open rate.

Luna is intelligent enough to recognize the kind of leads you require based on the little information you offer. Luna searches out high-quality lead produce cold emails and send them. Luna’s AI system is so smart that it understands how to avoid being captured in the spam filter. As a result, cold emails sent by Luna have a better chance of reaching the lead’s primary mailbox.

How Does Luna Work?

Luna – B2B Lead And Cold Email Automation is an ai – powered lead creation platform that helps you locate the best leads and automate follow-ups.

It examines the content of your niches/websites/business and suggests contacts depending on their interests.

The most relevant and tailored cold emails will then be generated.

Luna will then monitor the success of your efforts and recommend new ones based on your previous results.

Luna will also assist you in analyzing the effectiveness of your campaigns and improving your company’s performance.

I’m still unsure how this function works. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Why You Should Use Luna

It would be best if you used Luna to maximize the favorable effect of your cold outreach. The Luna AI assistant offers you various benefits:

  • Features that save time and reduce workload.
  • We offer cold email suggestions that are customized to you.
  • The highest possible success rate for cold outreach.
  • Customers have increased.

Luna Lifetime Deal and Review

If you’re worried about how much money you’ll have to spend on Luna each month, there’s some good news. AppSumo, the master of lifetime deals, has given you the Luna lifetime deal!

Original Luna membership options can cost you between $39 and $249 per month. However, the lifetime deal can permanently stop the flow of costs.

The lifetime deal’s most costly tier is only $239. Remember that you must purchase a licensing tier only once. With a single payment, you have lifetime access to Luna’s features.

If you ask my opinion, I would choose the lifetime package above the regular monthly rates.

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Features of Luna

Luna – B2B Lead And Cold Email Automation is a complete lead generation solution that helps you in identifying the best leads and automated follow-ups.

Luna finds the best leads for you by analyzing the content of your emails and suggesting connections based on their interests.

It will help you generate qualified sales leads, allowing you to grow your business.

  • Generate new leads from your target list
  • Personalize cold outreach
  • Get suggestions on when to follow up with your prospects
  • Add your own leads
  • Mobile app
  • Extensive reports so you’re always aware of your targets
  • Integrate Luna with your favorite CRM system
  • Customize your leads by adding keywords, companies, locations, job titles, and much more

Luna Pricing Plan

Just $69 to $239 can give you access to Luna for life. Only this basic information is fascinating. Examine the complete price structure of the lifetime deal and be charmed by the exclusive benefits.

  • License Tier 1

             Purchase cost: $69 

             Free integrations: CRM and Zapier

            Total email count per month: 100 total emails

  • License Tier 2

          Purchase cost: $139

          Free integrations: CRM and Zapier

          Total email count per month: 300 total emails

  • License Tier 3

          Purchase cost: $239 

          Free integrations: CRM and Zapier

          Total email count per month: 900 total emails

Luna Pros & Cons


  • All features above include
  • 900 total emails
  • CRM & Zapier also integrations
  • Regularly High-quality leads 
  • Effective copywriting


  • For a newcomer, the prince is a little expensive.


98% offer

Luna Lifetime Deal on Appsumo 

Luna is an A. I assistant that offers high-quality B2B leads and delivers customized cold emails that never wind up in the spam folder.

ONE-TIME BUY OF $69.00 $390

All plans offer the following features:

  1. Copywriting that works
  2. Every day, new high-quality leads are generated.
  3. Personalized communication
  4. Get suggestions on when to contact your prospects.
  5. Connect Luna to your chosen CRM system.
  6. Extensive reports keep you up to speed on your targets.
  7. App for mobile devices
  8. Include your own leads.

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Final Thought

I could speak poetically about the Luna lifetime deal all day. But I’ll stop now since I’m taking up too much of your time. You could have purchased this AppSumo deal by now.

You won’t believe me when I say there’s much more to learn about Luna. Anyway, you’ll know them once you start using Luna. So, I wish you luck and hope you have a good purchase.