EmailDelivery.com Lifetime Deal & Review- Best Email Service Provider

Launch your own self-hosted email service provider to send bulk emails or sell to clients

EmailDelivery.com Lifetime Deal

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Let me introduce you to EmailDelivery.Com. Lifetime Deal is a revolutionary product. It is reshaping the landscape of email campaigns with features that exceed the imagination of most platforms. It’s not just a tool, it’s the entire package, offering dynamic segmentation and optimal deliverability.


creating powerful, personalized email campaigns that ensure each message is received and leaves a lasting impression. You can do more than just send emails with EmailDelivery.com; you can create experiences. These experiences captivate recipients, compelling them to take action and fostering enduring connections.


Are you ready to up the ante on your email marketing? Take advantage of the EmailDelivery.Com Lifetime Deal today and forever change your email strategy.


EmailDelivery.com Lifetime Deal

What is EmailDelivery?


Have you ever felt lost in the difficult world of email marketing? But then I noticed EmailDelivery.Com, and let me tell you, it changed everything. It’s like having a super smart friend who’s got your back in the intricate realm of emails. It’s not just another email tool.



It allows you to send customized emails that connect with your audience. Emails that are dull and generic are no longer sent and forgotten. Every email you send with EmailDelivery.Com feels like a personal note, taking in and holding the attention of your audience.


How It Works:


EmailDelivery.com simplifies email delivery by allowing you to use your IP addresses, eliminating technical hassles. This self-hosted solution gives you full control effortlessly.


EnterpriseGrade ESP: More than just email service, it’s a top-notch enterprise-grade ESP. Manage it like Mailchimp, even offer it as a paid service. Ideal for consultants, IT/security, and marketing agencies.


Impressive Integrations: EmailDelivery.com seamlessly integrates with Pixabay, Rest API, Webhooks, WordPress, and Zapier, enhancing your email marketing.


Advanced Features: Enjoy white labeling, CNAME customization, and GDPR compliance. Real-time engagement reporting for tracking opens, clicks, and more.


Segmentation Mastery: Target multiple lists, tags, and segments simultaneously. Craft unique email funnels based on specific interests and behaviors.


EmailDelivery.com Lifetime Deal


Automation Excellence: Create engaging automated message sequences for higher ROI. Tailor drip campaigns for the best open rates.


Versatility: From promotional emails to transactional messages, EmailDelivery.com has you covered.


UserFriendly Design: Design responsive emails effortlessly with an intuitive drag and drop builder. Start with templates or create from scratch.


SelfHosted Power: Bring email marketing in-house with EmailDelivery.com’s self-hosted ESP. Perfect for agencies and small businesses for unlimited sending.


Exceptional Deliverability: Streamline email delivery with features like IP warmup automation and load balancing for the best results.




  •  Send emails with your IPs at no cost
  •  Unlimited delivery through various ESPs and MTAs
  •  Ensure optimal deliverability with load balancing
  •  Set throttle settings for sending limits and IP warmups
  •  Seamlessly integrate with SMTP relay accounts and APIs
  •  Utilize advanced segmentation for targeted campaigns
  •  Send both marketing and transactional emails
  •  Access real-time engagement reports
  •  Implement automated message sequences for enhanced engagement
  •  Customize drip campaign strategies easily
  •  Trigger follow-up sequences based on engagement
  •  Control message recipients based on engagement levels
  •  Build emails effortlessly with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder
  •  Utilize responsive optin forms for all devices
  •  Detect exit intent bounces for effective list building.


EmailDelivery.com Lifetime Deal



EmailDelivery.com is a self-hosted email service provider (ESP) with a plethora of features. Here’s a breakdown of some standout features that make it a top choice for email marketing:


  1. Audience Segmentation Made Easy:


Using EmailDelivery.com’s audience segmentation feature, you can tailor your message to specific groups. You can easily send targeted emails to different subscriber groups based on demographics, interests, or purchase history.


  1. Automated Email Sequences:


Nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers with automated email sequences. EmailDelivery.com allows you to create and schedule emails over time, streamlining your communication strategy.


  1. Intuitive DragandDrop Form Builder:


Crafting subscription forms is a breeze with EmailDelivery.com’s user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder. Create customized forms, including popups, slideouts, and floating bars, without any hassle.


EmailDelivery.com Lifetime Deal


  1. Personalize Emails for Engagement:


Make your emails more engaging and relevant by personalizing content with EmailDelivery.com. From the subscriber’s name to location and purchase history, dynamic content enhances the impact of your messages.


  1. A/B Testing for Optimization:


Improve your email campaigns over time with A/B testing. EmailDelivery.com enables you to compare different campaigns to identify what resonates best with your audience.


  1. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:

Gain valuable insights into your email marketing performance with detailed reporting and analytics. Use this information to refine and enhance your campaigns for better results.


  1. Unlimited SMTP Relays and APIs:


Enjoy the freedom to send unlimited emails using your own SMTP relays and APIs.


  1. Velocity MTA for Enhanced Deliverability:


EmailDelivery.com comes equipped with Velocity MTA, a proprietary technology designed to boost email deliverability and ensure your messages reach their intended recipients.


  1. No Limits on Domains, Brands, Contacts, and Sending:


EmailDelivery.com allows for unlimited domains, brands, contacts, and sending capabilities.


EmailDelivery.com Lifetime Deal


  1. Broadcast Campaigns for Mass Communication:


Easily reach all your subscribers with broadcast campaigns tailored to your messaging goals.


  1. Transactional Email Support:


Send transactional emails seamlessly, including welcome messages, shipping notifications, and password resets.


  1. Seamless Integrations:


Connect EmailDelivery.com with popular tools like WordPress, Zapier, and Google Analytics for a more streamlined workflow.


  1. Your Brand, Your Way:


Whitelabel EmailDelivery.com to match your brand identity, ensuring a seamless and cohesive experience for your audience.


EmailDelivery.com Pricing 


I was pleasantly surprised by how budget-friendly Emaildelivery.com is, especially considering it provides similar features to ConvertKit. The pricing structure for their premium plans is straightforward and comes in three options:


  1. Postmaster Essentials Plan: $399
  2. Expert Installation Plan: $599
  3. Postmaster Pro Plan: $999


EmailDelivery.com has three attractive lifetime plans on Appsumo if you’re looking for lifetime deals:


  1. Tier 1 License: $69
  2. Tier 2 License: $129
  3. Tier 3 License: $249


Who Can Profit from EmailDelivery?


EmailDelivery.com is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of professionals and businesses, such as:


Consultants: Boost your email marketing strategy to achieve outstanding results for your clients.


IT/Security Agencies: Effectively handle email communications for your clients while improving their email deliverability securely.


Marketing Agencies: Provide top-notch email marketing services to your clients, helping your agency stand out from the competition.


98% offer

EmailDelivery Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


Get lifetime access to EmailDelivery.com for just $69 (originally $468). Enjoy an additional 84% off.


Key Features:


  1. Lifetime access to EmailDelivery.com
  2. All upcoming Postmaster Essentials features included
  3. Unlimited SMTP Relays and APIs
  4. Unlimited domains, brands, contacts, and sending
  5. Velocity MTA included
  6. Broadcast campaigns
  7. Automated email sequences
  8. Dynamic segmenting

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There’s a fantastic EmailDelivery.com lifetime deal that’s an absolute steal for businesses of any size. It’s like a golden ticket for those looking for a powerful yet cost-effective Email Service Provider (ESP). EmailDelivery.com is full of features, and you can use it as much as you want. It’s practically made for growing your business with email marketing.


If you want to take benefit of this fantastic offer, go to the AppSumo website.

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