Boardmix Lifetime Deal & Review- An Online Collaborative Platform

Use this AI-powered whiteboard for faster collaboration and better team productivity

Boardmix Lifetime Deal

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You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn more about the Boardmix Lifetime Deal and read a Boardmix Review. The Boardmix Lifetime Deal recently debuted on Appsumo, offering a noteworthy discount. 


In this post, we’ll break down all the specifics of the deal. We’ll go over what the Boardmix lifetime deal entails, highlight its benefits, and offer our thoughts on whether it’s a deal worth taking benefit of. You’ll have all the information you need by the end of this article to decide whether the Boardmix Lifetime Deal is right for you.


Boardmix Lifetime Deal

What is Boardmix? 


Boardmix is an AI-drivеn collaborativе whitеboard that transforms tеamwork into a sеamlеss and visually captivating еxpеriеncе. Boardmix vividly displays your idеas in stunning visual formats, making communication a brееzе.


However, Boardmix is morе than just a visual tool; it is also a productivity ally. It providеs intuitivе prompts and automatеd contеnt gеnеration for lightning-fast dеcision-making, from mind maps to prеsеntations. With support for 500 collaborators and real-time viewing for 1,000 individuals, it turns brainstorming into a collective journey. 



Engage effortlessly with your team, leave comments, add emojis, and enjoy versatile file support and seamless sharing. Welcome to a new era of collaborative excellence with Boardmix, the ultimate platform for all your digital assets.


Boardmix Lifetime Deal

Boardmix Benefits:


  1.  Smart AI buddy for help with a variety of tasks
  2.  Quickly bring your ideas to life with AIpowered content
  3.  Speedy creation of important business tools like SWOT analyses and user journey maps
  4.  Team up effortlessly with big groups (up to 500 people) all at once
  5.  Smooth communication with mentions, comments, and emojis
  6.  See things happen in real-time, engaging with an audience of over 1,000
  7.  Express your thoughts visually with mind maps, flow charts, sticky notes, and drawings
  8.  Keep your work organized using Kanban boards
  9.  Access a wide array of plugins, resources, and templates for different needs
  10.  Manage digital assets with support for multiple file types
  11.  Find all your branding and project files in one central location
  12.  Easily share on websites or other apps outside the team.


Boardmix Lifetime Deal

Why Go for Boardmix?


Boosted by AI Productivity:


Boardmix isn’t just a regular whiteboard; it’s your AI sidekick, effortlessly transforming your ideas into captivating visuals. 


Swift Decision Making:


Bring your concepts to life quickly and effortlessly by crafting business models, SWOT analyses, or user journey maps tailored to your industry or competitors. Speed up decision-making with a platform designed to simplify the visualization of intricate ideas.


Smart Teamwork:


Leverage the strength of a robust AI assistant to supercharge your whiteboard sessions, making collaborative efforts more efficient. Engage in real-time collaboration with up to 500 team members, facilitating seamless idea sharing and pitching during brainstorming sessions.


Adaptable Visual Styles:


Boardmix supports a variety of visual formats, including mind maps, flow charts, sticky notes, and drawings, to help you capture and organize your team’s ideas. Use Kanban boards to keep everyone informed about task statuses, and browse a library of plugins, resources, and templates for a variety of use cases.


Digital Content Management:


Experience an all-in-one toolkit that supports a wide array of visual content, making Boardmix an optimal digital asset management platform. Upload and store text, photos, videos, and documents on boards, creating a centralized hub for all your branding and project files.


Effortless Sharing:


Reach over 1,000 individuals in real time by sharing your whiteboard, extending the impact of your ideas to a growing remote audience. Include your whiteboard on websites or third-party apps to allow for easy sharing with people outside your organization.


Boardmix Lifetime Deal

Boardmix key features 


Planning and Sharing Agendas: Make it simple to create and share meeting agendas with all participants, ensuring everyone is well-informed.


Working Together on Documents: Collaborate on meeting documents in real time, making it easy to update and keep track of changes.


Taking Meeting Minutes: Easily capture meeting minutes and action items, so everything is noticed.


Monitoring Action Items: Keep tabs on the progress of action items and assign responsibilities to team members, enhancing accountability.


Boardmix Lifetime Deal

Pros And Cons:




  1. User-Friendly Interface: Boardmix boasts an easy-to-use interface, ensuring a smooth start and seamless navigation.


  1. Versatility: Enjoy a plethora of collaboration tools, enhancing efficiency across various projects and tasks.


  1. Visual Appeal: With numerous visual features, Boardmix is an excellent choice for imagination and visualization.


  1. RealTime Collaboration: Foster effective communication and teamwork with real-time collaboration features.


  1. File Support: Serve as a digital asset management platform, supporting various file types like text, photos, videos, and documents.




  1. Limited Reviews: There are few user reviews, making it challenging to assess long-term performance and reliability.


Appsumo Pricing


Basic Plan  $29:


  •  3 team members
  •  600 GB workspace
  •  Unlimited projects and folders
  •  Unlimited editable boards
  •  1,500 AI points


Standard Plan  $99:


  •  10 team members
  •  1.95 TB workspace
  •  Unlimited projects and folders
  •  Unlimited editable boards
  •  10,000 AI points


Premium Plan  $199:


  •  30 team members
  •  5.86 TB workspace
  •  Unlimited projects and folders
  •  Unlimited editable boards
  •  300,000 AI points


98% offer

Boardmix Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


The go-to platform for entrepreneurs, you can find incredible lifetime deals all over the world On Appsumo.


Take Boardmix’s incredible lifetime deal for only $29, saving you an incredible $248. This offer won’t last long, unlock an additional discount of up to 88%. 


Here’s what you get with all plans:


  1.  Sharing link encryption for added security.
  2.  Create boards with an unlimited number of objects.
  3.  Organize your work effortlessly with unlimited file folders containing as many files as you need.
  4.  Experience the power of our AI Assistant, driven by OpenAI’s ChatGPT3.5Turbo.


10% offer

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  • Submit your email address.
  • Check your email and grab your discount.




Boardmix is a super easy tool for bringing ideas to life. You can easily create and visualize ideas with its user-friendly interface and cool collaboration features. It’s got AI magic, so it can whip up images, mind maps, flow charts, and even entire presentations in seconds.

Boardmix lifetime deal is in keeping with all file types, including text, photos, and videos. It’s like your digital asset manager, following GDPR rules to keep your info safe. Check out the positive reviews on LinkedIn, Capterra, and AppSumo. Users praise its adaptability, visuals, and real-time collaboration.

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