StoryScraper Lifetime Deal & Review- AI Web Story Automation Tool

Generate click-worthy Google web stories in minutes with this automated AI writing tool

StoryScraper Lifetime Deal

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Are you a content creator wanting to make Web Stories effortlessly? Need help with topics and images? That’s where StoryScraper comes in! It’s user-friendly with a content library—the ultimate tool for stunning Web Stories. Grab the StoryScraper Lifetime Deal now to save time and create attention-grabbing stories that keep readers hooked!


StoryScraper Lifetime Deal

What is StoryScraper?

Discover the magic of StoryScraper.io—a tool that makes crafting captivating Web Stories a breeze! Whether you’re a solopreneur or part of a creative agency, StoryScraper is your ultimate partner for whipping up engaging web stories in no time. Just type in a keyword, and let StoryScraper weave its magic by finding the best topics, curating images, and formatting content. 



With a single click, you’ll transform keywords into full-fledged web stories. It doesn’t stop there! You can even scrape multiple stories/sites through URLs, all while enjoying the benefits of AI automation. Elevate your web engagement, site traffic, and ad awareness with StoryScraper—your all-in-one solution for web story success!

How To Use Storyscraper?

Ever heard of Storyscraper? It’s a fantastic web story automation tool that’s got something special – it automates the whole process for you! Picture this: you just provide the source for the web story data, and bam, it takes care of scraping, editing, and even publishing it onto your website.

Exciting, right? To get started, all you have to do is connect your WordPress website. Then, you can either drop in the website URL you want to scrape from or enter a keyword for automatic story scraping. Once the scraping magic is done, you’ll get an email notification, and guess what? Your story will be live on your website, all done automatically.


StoryScraper Lifetime Deal

Benefits of StoryScraper

Using StoryScraper comes with a bunch of great benefits:


  1. Easy Automation: With just one click, StoryScraper takes care of generating stories for you, making the process super simple and efficient.


  1. Awesome Images: Upload high-quality images effortlessly using StoryScraper, enhancing the visual appeal of your stories.


  1. Scrape from Many Sites: Scraping and publishing stories from multiple sites is a breeze with StoryScraper. It’s all about convenience!


  1. Creative AI Spinning: Thanks to StoryScraper’s clever AI content spinning, your stories become both unique and optimized for better engagement.


  1. Stay in the Loop: Receive email notifications from StoryScraper when your stories are good to go, so you’re always in the know.


  1. Language Magic: Convert your stories into various languages using StoryScraper’s AI text translation feature. Global storytelling made easy!


  1. Access Anywhere: Since StoryScraper is cloud-based, you can use it from anywhere, anytime. Your creative tool on the go!


StoryScraper Lifetime Deal



Meet Storyscraper – your new best friend for crafting captivating web stories effortlessly. With Storyscraper, all it takes is a keyword to dive into a world of content. Just type in your keyword, and let Storyscraper work its magic, finding all the exciting content that matches.

Once your treasure trove of content is ready, sharing it on your WordPress site becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to manual copying and pasting – one simple click is all it takes. This feature is a lifesaver for anyone who wants to save time without compromising on quality.

Multi-Source Story Collection Made Easy

Gone are the days of copy-pasting URLs one by one. With StoryScraper, collecting stories from various sources is a breeze. Simply list your source site URLs, separated by commas, and let StoryScraper do the rest. Effortless and efficient, just the way it should be.

Scheduled Scraping with Task Manager

Meet your personal assistant for efficient web story creation – Scheduled Scraping with Task Manager. Say hello to multitasking made easy. Create multiple tasks with a single click and let them run in the background. Manage them all from one central spot, saving you time and effort.

Lightning-Fast and Accessible with 100% AMP Support

Stories generated with AMP support mean quicker access and a smoother experience on mobile devices. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to seamless content delivery. Your audience will love the faster load times and you’ll love the increased engagement.

Craft Unique Stories with AI Content Spinning

Unleash your creativity with AI Content Spinning. This innovative feature lets you transform your content into something fresh and engaging. Thanks to AI content rewriting, your story becomes not only readable but also optimized to captivate your readers like never before.

Pros & Cons


  • Can automate in just a few clicks.
  • The technique is simple to set up.
  • Saves huge time & costs if done manually.
  • Works well with WordPress.
  • The support team is amazing & helps in every step possible.
  • The translation is also a good & unique feature.
  • Email notifications after scrapping are cherry on the top.


  • Still have some bugs.
  • Sometimes image quality gets low.
  • UI is not that good.


98% offer

StoryScraper Lifetime Deal AppSumo

While the early payment doesn’t offer money-saving benefits, I’ve got some exciting news for you! Introducing the StoryScraper AppSumo Lifetime Deal, designed to keep your wallet happy at just $39 for a one-time payment. Plus, here’s the cherry on top: no more payments are needed after this. And guess what? We’re throwing in a 60-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

  • Lifetime access
  • GDPR compliant
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • 60 days of money back guarantee
  • You can purchase this deal up to 7 times
  • Must activate your code within 60 days of purchase


10% offer

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Hopefully, you enjoyed StoryScraper Lifetime Deal. It is your new go-to tool for effortlessly grabbing web stories. It’s like magic – this innovative tool scrapes and generates content in a snap.

You’ll love its array of cool features, like the super-convenient one-click publishing straight to your WordPress sites. Plus, there’s the Scheduled Scraping with Task Manager, allowing you to tackle multiple tasks like a pro. Oh, and here’s the icing on the cake: all the stories it whips up are Fully AMP Supported, ensuring they look awesome on any device. 


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