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Convert mobile app designs to React Native code in one click

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Hello everyone, dear readers! The topic of today’s post is “Sizze Lifetime Deal & Review.”

Sizze is a revolutionary tool that makes mobile app creation easier than before. It helps you to convert current mobile app designs to React Native code quickly and effectively and then publish them directly to app stores with a single click.

With Sizze, you can save time and money by not hiring a developer to create your app – you can do it yourself. Furthermore, Sizze’s code is of the finest quality, guaranteeing that your app runs smoothly and looks fantastic.


Sizze Lifetime Deal

What is Sizze?

Mobile app design is quickly becoming an absolute necessity for businesses and organizations. With smartphones controlling so much of our lives, having a fantastic mobile app makes all the difference.



Sizze is here to help you make the process easier, faster, and more efficient. Users can use Sizze to convert their mobile app design to React Native code in a single click.

Sizze eliminates the need for developers to manually create code by removing the pain from the coding process, enabling them to focus on designing beautiful mobile apps that customers will enjoy.


Why it is best for you?

Sizze also provides a slew of other tools, such as performance monitoring and analytics, to help you optimize your app for the greatest user experience.

It is perfect for developers, freelancers, SaaS businesses, eCommerce websites, or anybody with a fantastic idea who wants to build his own mobile app to quickly launch that idea.

Many of us require a mobile app to develop or test an idea. However, mobile app creation necessitates extensive coding knowledge or the engagement of highly paid freelancers.

For all of these difficulties, you must learn coding or have a large number of funds to just test your idea. But that was an old story. Because Sizze has here.

Sizze allows you to create a mobile app with a single click. You only require your app’s Figma design, and it will convert it into a React Native app.

Also, freelancers may well be required to create an app quickly in order to show it to a customer. They can also utilize it for freelancing and gain a large number of clients.

How Does It Work?

You can develop visually appealing mobile apps without sacrificing functionality using Sizze’s drag-and-drop, no-code mobile app builder. You’ll get access to hundreds of pre-made presets with logic built in at just the touch of a button.

Each design element can be changed. This includes incorporating media, dynamically transforming static parts, and creating your own components.

Sizze will convert your project to React Native code once your design is complete, making the rest of the development process a snap. You may publish your mobile app directly from the editor to Google Play and the App Store without ever switching windows.

Furthermore, you can publish your app on TestFlight to get client feedback before launching it. You can receive the source code for your designs in one click, as well as publish your app directly to app stores.

It’s simple to create your project’s source code in Developer Mode, download it as a zip file, and include it in projects.

Sizze can help make collaborative project work simpler. You can keep all of your work organized and available to your team by creating separate workspaces for those projects.


Sizze Lifetime Deal


Sizze Lifetime Deal


Sizze Features:


  • Figma Import
  • Download Source Code
  • Ready-made presets and templates
  • Copy code
  • Expo Testing
  • Animate everything
  • Developer mode
  • Stripe, YouTube, Giphy integration
  • Android and iOS publishing
  • Free Sizze Academy
  • Discord Community
  • Drag-and-drop builder

Pricing Plan

Tier 1 ($59)

All features above included

10,000 CMS items

1 user

Tier 2 ($119)

All features above included

100,000 CMS items

3 user

Tier 3 ($229)

All features above included

Unlimited CMS items

10 user


98% offer

Sizze Lifetime Deal on Appsumo

AppSumo has released Sizze’s lifetime deal. In this deal, you can use the benefits for a one-time payment of $59. You will never have to pay again. You will also receive a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You will receive the following features:


  • You have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan.
  • Code generates better instantly.
  • Templates that have already been created
  • Native React code should be exported.
  • All integration
  • All future plan updates
  • Access for a Lifetime
  • Downloads of ZIP are unlimited.
  • Auto-layout
  • Presets that have already been created
  • Upload to the iOS and Android app stores (publish apps without leaving the editor)
  • Make custom presets.
  • GDPR Observer
  • Prototypes that are completely responsive
  • Imports from Figma are unlimited.
  • 1 user
  • CMS 10,000 things
  • Apps Unlimited


10% offer

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Final Thought

So you’ve got a fantastic company idea and need a mobile app to launch your MVP. But then you realized that in order to create a mobile app, you need to hire expensive developers or code everything yourself. And your great company idea has been burned out. No need to worry, because the Sizze lifetime deal is here to help you.

Sizze is a mobile app builder that requires no code to get your React Native mobile app up and running. It can turn your Figma design into a native app with a single click.

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