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There are thousands of websites available on the internet, and search engines deliver the pages that are relevant to a user’s query. However, if your website is not effectively optimized, it will not rank better on search engines. What if you could get support from a tool that can help you enhance your website optimization?

Meet “SiteGuru,” the SEO expert who can help you enhance the rating of your website. Today we’ll talk about SiteGuru, the SiteGuru Appsumo, and the SiteGuru Lifetime Deal Appsumo.



SiteGuru Lifetime Deal


What is SiteGuru?

SiteGuru is a strong SEO tool that provides a thorough SEO analysis so you know exactly where to begin optimizing your site. This tool will show you ways to increase your traffic.

Furthermore, you do not need to be an SEO specialist to achieve SEO success because SiteGuru explains everything in detail. SiteGuru provides you with a practical to-do list of things you can do to boost your ranking and attract more visitors.

SiteGuru simply combines data from the Google search engine and Google Analytics to inform you of the opportunities to improve the SEO of your website.

How Does SiteGuru Work?

We appreciate your interest in our SEO Audit. Our team has over 10 years of combined SEO experience. Our audits give you a prioritized list of activities to assist you to enhance your rankings and traffic. We can track your performance and provide you with fast results by integrating information from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.


What Does The Tool Do?

Get SiteGuru if you need an SEO expert. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to utilize the program. The program performs all of the analysis for you in order to rank higher in search engines.

SiteGuru can surely assist you whether you are new to SEO or an experienced SEO professional.

With SiteGuru, you will receive an audit of your website along with an actionable to-do list to assist you in improving your rankings and increasing traffic to your site by addressing the problems.



SiteGuru is one of the greatest SEO tools available. However, there are other popular products on the market that compete with SiteGuru. You can also look at the following tools:

  • SE Ranking
  • RankIQ
  • Surfer
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Similarweb
  • SpyFu
  • Serpstat
  • BrightEdge
  • Act-On


Why it is good for you? 


With SiteGuru, you can gain complete SEO information that explains exactly where to begin increasing your website rankings.

We provide a practical strategy to help you improve your search engine rankings and increase online traffic.

We also assist you in tracking your SEO development by incorporating data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

SiteGuru is an excellent alternative to Ahrefs, SEMrush, and SEOptimer for Bloggers, Marketing Agencies, and Small Businesses.

The white-label functionality of SiteGuru allows you to customize the service to your specific needs. Furthermore, no certification is necessary!

Use SiteGuru’s helpful tools, courses, and more to attain long-term success in the ever-changing industry of SEO.



SiteGuru Lifetime Deal




SEO to-do list: Don’t be concerned if you lack in-depth SEO understanding! SiteGuru collects all of your website’s data and generates an SEO work list with issues that affect your visibility. You can figure out what you need to focus on first.

Automated Site Crawls: SiteGuru searches your site from top to bottom, revealing the whole structure. Everything is scanned, including the sitemap, internal links, and canonicals. As a result, you have a complete picture of your site. Every week, you’ll receive SEO reports in your mailbox, and you can begin fresh checks at any time.

Keep track of changes: The program keeps you informed every week as it watches your website and notifies you if there is a new issue so you can address it as soon as possible.

Working with clients: SiteGuru understands that SEO is a collaborative process, so the tool enables you to invite as many people as you like to help you optimize your website for search engines. Your clients will like how your job is coming along!

Google Docs: You can export the data from SiteGuru and work on it in Excel or Google Sheets.

Link Google Analytics and Search Console: SiteGuru, as you might know, integrates your website into Google Search Console and Google Analytics to provide you with real-time information about your website.


SiteGuru Pricing



2 websites

Support that is responsive

Unlimited users



10 websites

Responsive support

Unlimited users



50 websites

Priority support

Unlimited users

White label reports


98% offer


SiteGuru Lifetime Deals Appsumo

SiteGuru Appsumo is now $69 instead of $599. (1 code)


Terms and conditions of the deal

  • SiteGuru access for life
  • Lifetime Software
  • You must use your code within 60 days of purchasing it.
  • All future plan updates


The plan includes the following features:

  • 1 internet site
  • 500 pages maximum
  • Invite clients and colleagues to join.
  • All reports should be exported to CSV.
  • Download Word documents
  • Stacking information: each extra code equals one more site with 500 pages; with maximum of 10 codes.


10% offer


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Users appreciate the tool because it produces accurate results, and the number of users is growing by the day.

G2 awarded SiteGuru High Performer Winter 2023, Easiest To Use Winter 2023, Best Results Winter 2023, Best Usability Winter 2023, and a 4.5-star rating.

Users are also leaving 5-star reviews and describing how the program has helped them in every SEO situation.

Join SiteGuru today and get SiteGuru Appsumo from the SiteGuru Lifetime Deal Appsumo!


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