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Engage with customers instantly via link or QR code

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If you’re looking for a PinChat lifetime deal & review. You’re in the right spot. Pin Chat lifetime discounts are available through AppSumo. Check out the PinChat AppSumo lifetime deal right away if you need it.

No other apps are required when using PinChat to quickly chat with your clients via a link or QR code. Any offline or online client touchpoint, such as social media flyers and business cards, should include your PinChat link or QR code. When a new message comes on the PinChat app, you’ll get install notifications.


PinChat Lifetime Deal


What Is PinChat?

PinChat is a business messenger with integrated customer interaction features that allow you to communicate and share surveys through the link or QR code.

You want to be available to clients when they need you, but it’s hard to be everywhere at once (barring a rare rupture in the multiverse).



Using multiple platforms to chat with clients while gathering user feedback and monitoring your customer list not only, but also increases the risk of details falling through the cracks.

Consider a complete engagement solution that allows you to start a live chat on any platform without creating any code.


How Does PinChat Work?

PinChat is a business messenger that allows you to talk and share surveys by linking or scanning a QR code. As a result, it is an excellent tool for user participation. With built-in customer interaction tools, you can start a conversation with clients at any time and from any location.

This helps you to get to know your clients and boosts their chances of return. Furthermore, using chatbots to assist clients could be an excellent approach to increase customer engagement.

This enables you to automate client interactions and collect customer information. Finally, organizations and merchants looking to increase consumer involvement may consider using PinChat.

Why PinChat Good for you?

Boost your chat widget with a chatbot that can assist your clients when you are not available and they require a rapid response. You can also create sub-accounts for your customer support team members using this app.

You can also connect many sub-accounts to a single chat link so that multiple team members can work at the same time and respond to messages at the same time. With a single drag-and-drop Process, organize group chatrooms into folders.

You can also utilize colored tags to notify each chatroom’s key points in order to stay organized and save related chatrooms in folders. With an in-chat survey, you can quickly get feedback from your customers and get a sense of client sentiment.

PinChat Lifetime Deal


PinChat Lifetime Deal


PinChat Features


No app downloads

PinChat will allow you to speak with your customers quickly via a link or QR code, eliminating the need to download an app.

Customers will be able to contact you via a link or QR code.

When you get a new message on the PinChat app, you will receive an immediate notification.

In addition, the ability to manage communications with customers on a single dashboard is available here.

Customer Onboarding

This tool provides you with a customizable chatbot message flow, in-chat auto-translation, and survey feedback to help you streamline your contact with others.

Full-fledged IM functions

PinChat is not like other IM apps. Here you will find full-fledged messaging functions.

PinChat has native business features such as,

  • Chat classification
  • Analysis of data and questionnaires
  • Page with many links
  • Chatbot with built-in automation
  • Payment by text message
  • Auto message translation.

Power up your SMS marketing

To begin optimizing your customer service, you will be able to place your PinChat link or QR code online or offline, such as on social media, flyers, business cards, and so on.

You can also organize your featured content on PinChat’s built-in multi-link page and allow your visitors to communicate with you by joining the page’s chatroom.

Adhoc Group Chat

PinChat supports both 1 to 1 and group conversation.

Adhoc Group Chat allows you to engage with everyone around by just clicking a link or scanning a QR code.

This business messenger also has an online discussion feature for real-time group communication.

You can also establish multiple chat connections for different purposes.

Create sub-accounts for your customer service

It is also possible to set up sub-accounts for members of the customer care team.

Then, to a single chat connection, create many sub-accounts.

This feature will help you better manage your discussion since your team members will be able to work and respond to messages at the same time.

PinChat will allow you to integrate PinChat Links into your LINE@ account to interact with customers instantly.

Take your PinChat link to your customers’ locations

Allow users to join your chat whenever they are ready to engage with users from the beginning.

You can also talk, buy, get coupons, and complete surveys at this URL, which is an extra bonus.

Price of PinChat



This free plan includes Unlimited Chat Links, 100 MAU, and other valuable features.


The pricing of this Advanced plan is based on a monthly basis and is USD$ 30/mo. You will also receive Unlimited Chat Links, 500 MAU, and more benefits here.


PinChat’s enterprise plan charges per activity. You will have access to Limitless Chat Links and other features here.


98% offer


PinChat Lifetime Deal

Appsumo will offer you the greatest features of PinChat for a one-time fee of $69.00.

Deal Features

  • Choose a chat type
  • Configure the welcome and default messages.
  • Chat link that can be customized
  • Change the look of the chatroom
  • Full-fledged messaging functionality
  • Analytical data
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Chat widget for your website
  • Chat information can be exported.
  • Connection to other messengers
  • Payment in-chat
  • Customize the chatroom’s message functions.
  • Chatbot editor
  • Client list


10% offer


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PinChat can help you organize your conversation data, including users, brands, Merchants Enterprises, and so on.

After a few days, you’ll get some new features like dark mode support, exporting message data to Google Spreadsheets, and Slack connection to help you automate your tasks more effectively.

So, get the PinChat Lifetime Deal right now.

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