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Hello everyone, dear readers! “KingSumo Lifetime Deal & Review” is the topic of today’s article.

KingSumo is a platform that allows you to create viral giveaways in order to quickly and efficiently grow your audience and gain more leads.

In other words, KingSumo, the program for running viral giveaways, is a giveaway-hosting platform. It not only allows participants to supply you with their names and email addresses, so increasing your email list, but it also motivates them to share the giveaway link in order to get further entries, resulting in the contest gaining attention.

Moreover, KingSumo encourages participants to earn additional entries by performing actions such as watching a YouTube video or following you on Facebook or Instagram. The Kingsumo review for today is now available. You may learn more about Kingsumo’s amazing features, such as Kingsumo Appsumo, Discounts, Rates, Plans, and more, by clicking here.

kingsumo Lifetime Deal

What is KingSumo?

KingSumo permits users to share giveaways with contacts in exchange for more entries, which increases brand awareness. Despite the fact that this product is still under development, the essentials have been established.



Visitors may have come onto your website or blog by chance or with low expectations. The best way to surprise people into action, though, is with a freebie. They provide an example to explain how this may work.

You can request visitors’ Facebook or email information in return for the chance to win an amazing prize. Of course, the prize has a big influence on the outcome of this endeavor. KingSumo, on the other hand, handles the remaining processes of gathering these emails and creating a list with them.

How does it Work?

Go to the Dashboard to manage all of your current and previous giveaways.

Click the new giveaway button to start a new giveaway. Fill out all of the required information for your offer in this box. You may choose the title, description, start and end dates, date of the winners’ announcement, number of winners, sponsoring organization, any website URL, prize description, prize amount, and prize image for the attractive giveaway.

You can also use MailChimp to build an email list, publish your giveaway on social media, offer bonus entries to attract followers and subscribers, and promote your contest on your website and social media channels. It is simple to set up, develop, and publish giveaways on Web pages.

Why KingSumo is Best for you?

  1. KingSumo is a platform that allows you to create viral giveaways in order to quickly and efficiently grow your audience and gain more leads.
  2. In other words, KingSumo, the program for running viral giveaways, is a giveaway-hosting platform.
  3. There are various benefits to using KingSumo as part of your marketing plan.
  4. One benefit of using our product is that you can focus on other parts of your business while still generating a growing number of leads through our platform by offering wonderful prizes at little or no cost to you.

Benefits of KingSumo Lifetime Deal

  • The lifetime license includes cloud features, allowing future customers to utilize your account when creating their own giveaway or campaign.
  • Access to a weekly email with traffic-building tips.
  • If you buy one of their other five goods, you’ll get 50% discount.
  • If someone wants to promote your offer but cannot purchase it, you can send them an unlimited number of invites.
  • Connections with customers who can give on how to improve your marketing campaign or plan to guarantee its long-term success.
  • It’s simple to use and affordable.


KingSumo Lifetime Deal

KingSumo Lifetime Deal


Features of KingSumo


There are no monthly fees

There are no monthly fees with KingSumo. You are not charged on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. You only need to buy it once to enjoy unlimited viral giveaways.

Increase your audience

KingSumo allows you to grow your audience massively by creating viral giveaways and announcements.

Make unlimited giveaways

KingSumo allows you to create an unlimited number of amazing giveaways.

Giveaway whatever you like

You can host whatever type of giveaway you want with KingSumo. There are no limitations.

Set any kind of CTA

You can use any form of call-to-action to encourage your audience to follow you in order to increase the likelihood of likes, clicks, and shares.

Automated reminders

Everyone including your followers and people interested will be reminded if it’s just 24 hours left before the giveaway ends.

Keep records of the emails you get.

When you receive an email, a completed form, or a message, KingSumo automatically collects it and sends it directly to your spreadsheet or ESP. Your leads or email list will increase here.

Bonus Entries

Set your KingSumo giveaway to give extra points for additional activities.

Giveaway scheduling

In KingSumo, you can also set the date and time for your giveaways to begin and end

MIT Engineers optimized

It has been AB-tested for maximum virility and looks great on smartphones.

KingSumo Pricing Plan

  • KingSumo Pro is available for life.
  • future Pro Plan updates
  • An AppSumo Original developed by the AppSumo team as a basic, low-cost solution.
  • Increase your audience with viral giveaways that save you money on marketing.
  • $49 one-time purchase
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days. Try it for 2 months to see whether it’s right for you!

Kingsumo Pros and cons 



  • The setup is simple.
  • Simple to use.
  • Reminders are sent automatically.
  • Make your giveaways more automatic.
  • It is completely user-friendly.
  • The tool is simple and easy to use.



  • In the free version, there is misleading branding.
  • There is no entry verification.
  • Integration is limited.
  • Participants are not allowed to collect names.
  • There is no dashboard for entry management.
  • Outside of social media, entry activity is limited.



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KingSumo Lifetime Deal on Appsumo!

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KingSumo is a tool that allows you to run viral giveaways. It plans and performs the giveaway. It gives giveaway participants specific referral URLs to share in order to gain extra entries.

It gives participants extra entries for things like following you on Instagram or watching one of your YouTube videos. When everything is said and done, you may select the winner at random.

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Final Thought

KingSumo is a fantastic tool for fast-growing your audience and generating more leads. It not only allows you to make giveaways, but it also gives a wealth of information on how to effectively host them. I would strongly advise anyone trying to expand and grow their audience to use this app.

 If you need more information, please go to their website here. Click here to access KingSumo Lifetime Deal

Thanks to all for reading, and I’m always happy anytime one of my pieces can give useful knowledge on a subject like this!

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