Blakify lifetime deal & Review- Best Text To Speech Tool

Create natural-sounding voices in seconds with over 700 voices and 65+ languages

Blakify lifetime deal

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Hello everyone, dear readers! The topic of today’s post is “Blakify Lifetime Deal & Review.”
Are you killing yourself by recording amateur voices or wasting money by hiring professional voice actors and recording facilities just to be disappointed with the results?

The exact goal is difficult to achieve.

Blakify Text to Speech can convert any text into audio for use on social media, voice-over, podcasts, or YouTube.

Get rid of voice actors, video presentations, and the pain of making your next audiobook in a second with Blakify.

Let’s read the complete Blakify review.


Blakify lifetime deal


What Is Blakify?

Blakify is the best artificial intelligence text-to-speech tool that supports over 70 languages and 400 various voices.

You can convert your text from any language to English and vice versa, as well as modify and customize everything as if it were your own.

You can also have the same voice as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and IBM and select any tone from a variety of voices.


Blakify lifetime deal



Blakify simplified Youtubing by removing all barriers to outstanding voice-over narration. It can be used to convert blog posts into audio files, bring a script for telemarketing, add background music, and numerous voices for the same script, and add an SSML tag for all voice sounds.


How Blakify Text to Speech Tool Can Help You? 


You can damage your eyesight by staring at a screen for lengthy periods of time every day. As a result, Blakify may help you convert your newsletters, articles, emails, and other content to audiences and save your screen time.

Along with a variety of voices, it allows you to modify the voice’s speed so that it fits your tone.

It features a more natural-sounding voice than other text-to-speech technologies on the market. The whole user interface is quite welcoming, and you could receive the best experience possible.

You can save your favorite voice and select different voices based on language, gender, and engine. Blakify’s basic interface is extremely user-friendly.


Why is Blakify the Best Tool?

Blakify is the greatest text-to-speech tool on the market since it is the most accurate and real. Blakify generates natural-sounding, clear, and easy-to-understand voices, making it the ideal solution for those who need to communicate with others through text-to-speech.

Using the online website, you can make realistic text-to-speech audio using Blakify 700+ Voices in secs. You can download MP3 or WAV files from there, which will play on any device!

You can give your company or brand some personality the next time you need a voice by using the greatest synthetic voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

Blakify is a text-to-speech service that provides natural-sounding speech in more than 60 different languages and accents. Blakify has voices for every situation, so you can select the one that’s right for you.


Blakify Features



TTS is a less expensive option than hiring a professional narrator, who can charge a lot of money. Having voices that seem genuine and fit the tone of what you’re trying to accomplish as an author or reader can make all the difference.

Content Creation

It’s no secret that text-to-speech is a fantastic tool for people who can’t read. Explore the many applications, such as having it read important announcements loudly or allowing you to listen when traveling abroad with your smartphone. You’ll save both time and money!


Create lessons that will stick with a genuine and familiar voice. We can record your content in whatever language you choose, including Spanish, Japanese, and Hindi.


Think about a situation in which you could utilize a voice-over to create an engaging and captivating presentation. You could now have videos on YouTube or other social media sites read out loud to you thanks to our TTS technology.


Utilizing our new tool, you can modify your script with the press of a button. Do not re-hire voice actors for each new version. This will save you both time and money.

Audio Formats

This web application allows you to quickly make high-quality audio. Export variable sample rate MP3s or WAVs. You can make the text portable by downloading it once and embedding it anywhere there is room.

Multiple Voices

Blakify is an excellent tool for merging audio files. It can be used to integrate numerous voices and views, as well as to write your work. This flexibility is an excellent method to ensure that your finished product is exactly what you want it to be! Text drafts can also be created for more flexibility.


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Blakify Appsumo Deal Pricing Plan

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Benefits of Blakify Lifetime Deal

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  • Get an unlimited number of characters with unlimited voices.
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  • Get Unlimited Downloadable MP3 Files
  • Unlimited storage, multi voice, background music, and full commercial rights are all included.


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Blakify is a fantastic text-to-speech application that is simple to use and gives amazing results. It is an excellent tool for anybody who needs to convert text to speech, whether for school, job or simply for fun.

Overall, I found Blakify to be a user-friendly and fast Text-To-Speech program. With over 700 voices and 65+ languages to choose from, it was simple to find a voice that sounded natural and properly communicated the content I needed to translate. I would strongly suggest Blakify to anyone in the marketplace for a Text-To-Speech tool.

Don’t wait for this discount to end. Now is the time to take advantage of the Blakify lifetime deal 60-day FREE Trial offer!

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