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Use this AI-powered live chat widget to analyze your business and provide instant customer support 24/7

Answerly Lifetime Deal

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You are introducing Answerly, your AIpowered, constant customer service assistant. They’re cooking up something special on AppSumo, an exclusive lifetime deal that grants you full access to the platform for a single, one-time fee.


In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the Answerly lifetime deal page. I’ll be your guide, walking you through everything from Answerly’s cool features. How you can customize it to fit your style, break down the pricing, check out supported integrations, and even throw in some real customer reviews for good measure. You’ll have the lowdown on whether this lifetime deal is the perfect match for your business by the end of this journey. 



Answerly Lifetime Deal

What is Answerly?

Answerly is a savvy business partner. It’s not just a tool; it’s like having a clever buddy who is always ready to chat with your customers. Think of it as a 24/7 assistant with a personality and a name that suits your business vibe.



Answerly is a quick learner about your business, becoming super knowledgeable in no time. If it ever hits a roadblock, there’s a built-in contact form, ensuring your customers can always reach out.


All the cool conversations your business has are neatly organized in one spot. Answerly can even share pictures and useful links! It’s the secret sauce to keeping clients happy and giving your company that extra flair.


Why Choose Answerly?


24/7 Support: Answerly is here for your customers day and night, making sure they always have someone to chat with and enhancing their overall experience.


Your Personal AI Assistant: Give your AI assistant a unique identity by naming it and assigning specific traits. This adds a personal touch that aligns with your brand.


Easy Knowledge Boost: Empower your AI assistant effortlessly with business-specific knowledge using the intuitive Knowledge Hub, making it smarter over time.


Built-in Contact Form: Never miss a customer query. When Answerly faces a tricky situation, it automatically triggers a contact form, ensuring customer inquiries reach your inbox directly.


Realtime Insights: See live chats and interactions in real time, using historical data to identify common questions and areas for improvement.


Many Useful Features: From importing knowledge bases to sharing links via QR codes, Answerly offers a variety of features to enhance your chatbot’s capabilities.


Visual Responses: Engage users with answers that include pictures, making interactions more interesting and informative.


Customize Your Experience: Tailor the look and feel of your chatbot, as well as the assistant’s personality, ensuring brand consistency and seamless integration with your website.


Team Collaboration: Create a workspace, invite team members, and collectively manage and improve your chatbot’s performance.


Adaptability with SDK: Utilize Answerly’s Chatbot SDK to modify the widget to your specific needs, giving you countless customization options.


Seamless Integration: Easily embed one or more Answerly chatbot widgets onto your website for quick and efficient customer interaction.


Personalized Domain: Customize your chatbot’s domain with Answerly’s CNAME feature, enhancing your online presence.


Control with Webhooks: Take charge of your widget’s functionality with webhooks, triggering custom actions based on specific events.


Who Should Not Use Answerly?


Even though I think Answerly is great, not everyone will feel the same way. I can’t resist a tasty chocolate chip cookie, but my buddy swears by oatmeal raisin. Different strokes for different folks.


If you’re into the traditional way of doing things, like sending handwritten letters instead of emails, Answerly might feel too futuristic for your taste. It’s all about digital communication, quick responses, and AI magic. That’s fantastic for tech enthusiasts like me, but not everyone is into it.


If you’re running a small blog or a personal website where the focus is on sharing recipes or chatting about the latest book you read.  Answerly could be compared to trying to crack a nut with a sledgehammer. It will work, of course, but it might be a bit much.


If you ever get curious about how Answerly can spice up your online interactions, give it a shot here. You might just change your mind.


And for those who prefer face-to-face conversations and believe that digital chats lack a personal touch.. But if you ever want to step into the world of AI chatbots, just remember that Answerly is just a click away.


Answerly Lifetime Deal

Answerly Features


Dynamic Conversations


Our smart chatbot engages with customers in real time, using natural language to craft personalized responses to their inquiries.


Answerly Lifetime Deal


Customizable Chat Widget


We offer a live chat widget that businesses can easily incorporate into their website. It comes with options to tweak its appearance, positioning, and more.


Answerly Lifetime Deal


Knowledge Hub


Our knowledge hub allows businesses to organize all of their training content in one place for easy management and improvement.


Automatic Gap Analysis


Answerly is in charge of analyzing the knowledge hub and identifying any gaps where the chatbot needs additional information to provide accurate responses to customer queries.

Answerly Lifetime Deal


Seamless Integrations

Our platform seamlessly integrates with Google Apps such as Docs and Sheets, along with other tools through webhooks and the Chatbot SDK.


Pricing in Appsumo


We’ve crafted Answerly lifetime deal plans with your business needs in mind. Take a look at the options to find the perfect fit:


Tier 1:


  • $49 OneTime 
  •  1 chatbot
  •  1 workspace
  •  Knowledge hub
  •  Basic feature set


Tier 2  


  • $119 OneTime
  •  2 chatbots
  •  2 workspaces
  •  2 knowledge hubs
  •  Google Docs/PDF imports
  •  Basic feature set


Tier 3 


  • $219 OneTime
  •  5 chatbots
  •  5 workspaces
  •  5 knowledge hubs
  •  Enhanced features, including discover tool
  •  Google Docs/PDF imports


Tier 4  


  • $399 OneTime
  •  10 chatbots
  •  Unlimited workspaces
  •  Enterprise-level support
  •  Enhanced features, including the Discover tool
  •  Google Docs/PDF imports


Tier 5 

  • Tailored Pricing
  •  Whitelabel solution
  •  Unlimited workspaces
  •  Tailored for large agencies
  •  All features included in previous tiers


98% offer

Answerly AppSumo Lifetime Deal


I’ve got a fantastic offer for you that makes things super easy. Instead of dealing with yearly payments, check out the Answerly AppSumo Lifetime Deal. And it’s a steal at just $49 as a one-time payment. Once you get it, you’re set for life, and if you ever change your mind, there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee to keep you covered.


There are a few terms and conditions for this awesome lifetime deal:


  1. You get lifetime access – no need to worry about renewals.
  2. It’s GDPR compliant, ensuring your privacy is protected.
  3. You’ll receive all future Pro Plan updates at no extra cost.
  4. Remember, you can snag this lifetime deal only once – make it count!
  5. Enjoy the security of a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  6. Just be sure to activate your code within 60 days of your purchase.
  7. And the best part – you can freely upgrade or downgrade between the different tiers of the lifetime deal.


10% offer

How To Get Extra 10% Discount Of AfforaiAppsumo Lifetime Deal

Complete the following activities for a $49 discount on Answerly Lifetime Deals.

You have a great chance to score a big discount on the Answerly Appsumo Lifetime Deal; simply follow all of the steps to get it.

  • clicking this link: ‘Answerly Appsumo Lifetime Deal’
  • Wait a little while for a popup discount to show.
  • Submit your email address.
  • Check your email and grab your discount.


Answerly Lifetime Deal goes above and beyond not just to meet but exceed these expectations. Improve your business by incorporating an AI chatbot that learns, adjusts, and interacts in ways you’ve never seen before. It’s about revolutionizing how you communicate with your customers. Welcome Answerly into your business today and redefine what excellence in customer support truly means.


we’re so confident that Answerly will make a positive impact that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Take a risk-free trial for two months and see for yourself how Answerly can benefit you.

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