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Hello everyone, dear readers! The topic of today’s post is “MonSpark Lifetime Deal & Review.”

You most likely have a website for your brand, since a website is the bread and butter of your brand, and tracking its success can be time-consuming.

It would be really useful for you to receive an email or notification anytime your website breaks or performs poorly, right?

Let me introduce MonSpark, a website monitoring tool. It helps in the monitoring of your website’s and app’s uptime and performance.

Today, we’ll talk about this web app monitoring tool. Let’s get started!


MonSpark Lifetime Deal


What is MonsPark?

MonSpark is a web application monitoring software that allows you to keep track of any website, server, or application. You can focus on your app while Monspark handles the monitoring. Teams from over 90 nations use Monspark, and they are really satisfied.



Because of its simplicity, many people adore Monspark. No additional setup or programming is necessary to analyze your website or app.

If you don’t have much time to maintain and check your website cause of your productivity, then Monospark is for you.


Why is MonSpark best for you?


You don’t need to spend a lot of effort testing and managing your web app. Also, you could be worried that your website will go down and you won’t even know, and now you’re thinking, “What object in this world will provide me a better solution?!”.

After reading this essay and considering all of the features, I believe you have found your ideal choice. Not only that, but you may also be notified when a price drops, a URL changes, loading time, or SEO focus shifts, as well as receive advice on how to manage your site to be the best.


Why Should You Choose MonSpark?


There are numerous benefits to using MonSpark instead of other websites’ free uptime monitoring services. MonSpark becomes less costly than many other services and provides a wide variety of functions.

MonSpark is also incredibly user-friendly, making it simple to set up and utilize.

This is the greatest website monitoring service since it sends you an email or a Slack message anytime your website crashes or goes down for a long period of time.

This is a fantastic and important tool for website owners since it helps them to be informed of any issues with their site as soon as possible.

MonSpark’s notification system ensures that you are constantly aware when your website is down, allowing you to take immediate action to resolve the issue.


MonSpark Lifetime Deal


Features of MonSpark?


However, the features of MonSpark will surprise you.


Ping Monitoring: Ping monitoring is an important aspect of server monitoring. It helps you understand your server’s condition by monitoring packet loss and response time.


Uptime Monitoring: Uptime monitoring is critical because it could help you save money by preventing your site from going down for a long period of time. When your website is unavailable or performing poorly, MonsPark will send emails or notifications.


Port Monitoring: MonsPark makes it simple to monitor your network ports. If you want to keep your website up and running, you must keep a watch on your ports.


SSL Monitoring: An SSL certificate is necessary for a website’s encryption. SSL certificates come in a variety of forms and have an expiration date. MonsPark will inform you before the SSL certificate expires, so your visitors will not be forced to leave your site.


Whois monitoring: You can track WHOIS changes to get notified of any domain name ownership changes.


Blacklist monitoring:  It is possible that your website may be blacklisted for some reason, which is negative for SEO. MonsPark can assist you before search engines blacklist your website.


Network monitoring: MonsPark will analyze webpage loading times and make suggestions on how to speed up your app.


MonSpark Appsumo Pricing Plan


Tier 1 license

Lifetime Access to MonSpark $69 | $576

Every feature is included.

1 single user

75 video monitors

10 pages of status updates


Tier 2 license

Lifetime Access to MonSpark $139 | $1152

Every feature is included.

5 single user

150 video monitors

20 pages of status updates


Tier 3 license

Lifetime Access to MonSpark $199 | $2076

Every feature is included.

10 single user

300 video monitors

40 pages of status updates


98% offer


Appsumo MonSpark Lifetime Deal


Monospark Lifetime Deals are now $69 instead of $576.


  • All plans offer the following features:
  • Retention of logs for 1 year
  • Monitoring of uptime
  • Ping monitoring
  • TCP monitoring
  • Monitoring of DNS records
  • Screenshot monitoring (every 12 hours)
  • Text message monitoring
  • Advanced request features
  • DNS customization
  • SSL monitoring
  • Lighthouse monitoring
  • URL Monitoring
  • Domain expiration monitoring
  • Status page hosted on your own server
  • Monitoring at multiple locations
  • Integrations are unlimited.


10% offer


How To Get Extra 10% Discount Of MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal


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MonSpark is an important tool for every website or app owner who wants to guarantee that their site or app is operating correctly.

It’s an excellent technique to monitor uptime and identify any potential issues that might affect the performance of your website or app.

Furthermore, MonSpark’s content change tracking tool is extremely important for keeping track of and keeping your site or app’s content up to date.

Overall, MonSpark is a strong and easy-to-use web application monitoring and free uptime monitoring tool that I would suggest to anyone who wants to keep track of their website or app.

So, what are you holding out for? Get MonSpark Lifetime deal right now! But act quickly! This offer will expire shortly!


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