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ACPT Lifetime Deal

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Almost all WordPress websites require the custom post types function. However, only a few people are knowledgeable enough in PHP to provide the functionality. If you’re looking for a wonderful plugin for adding custom articles to your website without coding, you’ve come to the right place!

I’d like to introduce you to “ACTP,” a useful plugin that allows you to develop and manage unique post kinds as well as build complicated websites.

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ACPT Lifetime Deal


What is ACPT?

ACPT is a WordPress plugin for managing and creating custom post types. You don’t need a child theme or PHP to utilize the plugin, and you can manage it easily from its dashboard.

If you want to create a complex website with WordPress, ACPT can help you with the Gutenberg editor, Elementor, and other popular builders.

There are several things that can be performed with the plugin. That information will now be available to us.


Who Can Use ACPT?

Anyone who wishes to add and maintain custom post kinds can do so with simplicity.

  • Many people use this plugin in their personal projects since it is simple to use and does not need code.
  • CPTs are generally required for client projects. Because ACPT is a dependable solution, organizations depend on it all the time.
  • It is a strong tool that will save developers a significant amount of time and effort if they utilize strong ACPT APIs instead of reinventing the wheel every day, saving them thousands of hours every day.


How does it work?

This plugin’s primary task is to create and manage custom post kinds professionally, as well as to create websites. You have complete control over your CTPs. Concerned about PHP? You do not require any coding skills.

If you want to become a CPT master, ACPT is the place to be. Register and manage new custom post types in minutes. Not only can you maintain and register CPT, but you can also associate custom new taxonomies with just 3 clicks!

Also, the new repeater (grouped) field allows you to develop advanced designs.

ACPT interfaces with the Gutenberg Editor, where you can use the interactive block to produce custom short-code. You can also handle ACPT meta fields with an Elementor custom widget if you utilize the Elementor builder. In addition, the plugin easily connects with custom Woocommerce and REST APIs.

With ACPT’s custom API dashboard, you can simply use WordPress as a headless CMS, with an interactive template builder that allows you to take control of your website design and a feature that allows you to import/export data from its database.


ACPT Lifetime Deal




Custom APIs: A Custom API dashboard is available for advanced users to control and automate ACPT processes.


Integration: ACPT connects with popular builders like Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, and many others.


Visual Template Builder: You can simply create templates for the CPTs archive and single pages using the interactive drag-and-drop visual builder.


Import Export Data: If you just need your data locally, you can export it with a simple click. You can also import data!


Post Types Relationships: Complex post kinds of relationships can be managed by the field manager.


Pros and Cons



  • Free version is offered
  • Template creator
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Custom post types and advanced taxonomies management
  • Handling post types relationships
  • Integration of Gutenberg and Elementor
  • Data import and export



  • The free version has limitations.


ACPT Pricing


Free ACPT Lite:

Make unique post kinds

3 meta box fields

Individual taxonomies

Product data for Woocommerce

3 user meta box fields

Widget for Elementor

Shortcode generator for Gutenberg

Basic integration of API Rest fields



1 license per site

The Lite versions include the following features:

28 meta box fields

Field repeater (grouped)

26 taxonomy meta box fields

27 user meta box fields

Conditional field rendering

PHP functions

Divi module

Bricks Builder integration

WP GraphQL integration

Relationships between categories of posts


98% offer


ACPT Lifetime Deals Appsumo


ACPT Appsumo is now $29 instead of $99!


Terms and conditions of the deal

  • ACPT Basic Plan access for life
  • You have 60 days from the date of purchase to use your code(s).
  • All future updates to the ACPT Basic Plan
  • The plan includes the following features:
  • 1 license per site
  • Manager of advanced custom post kinds
  • Manager of advanced taxonomies
  • Manager of advanced meta box fields (26 types)
  • Relationship handling for post kinds
  • Advanced template creator for single and archive templates
  • Manager of advanced user meta box fields
  • Elementor widget integration
  • Product data manager for WooCommerce
  • Shortcode generator included in Gutenberg
  • WordPress GraphQL integration
  • Dashboard for Custom APIs
  • Data import/export
  • Builder of templates
  • Field repeater (grouped)
  • Stacking information:
  • Stacking two codes to upgrade to the Professional Plan equals a license for 5 sites.
  • Stack 3 codes to get an Agency Plan license with unlimited


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ACPT is the new custom post-type manager in WordPress that allows you to design your website from within the platform. There is no need to code PHP or develop child themes. Furthermore, no coding knowledge is necessary!

In seconds, you can create and manage new custom post types. Take complete control and master your CPTs. You can also sign up.

You can now construct advanced designs using the new repeater (grouped) field. It also has a Gutenberg connection for generating the ACPT custom shortcode with an interactive block.

An Elementor custom widget can be used to manage ACPT meta fields in the Elementor editor. With a custom WooCommerce integration, you can quickly produce and manage product data.

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